Thursday, September 11, 2014

Beautiful Bogies

This entry was published in the Kings County Record a few weeks ago now.  I've been incredibly busy at work and thus haven't had time to keep up with my blogging.  I was able to get out golfing though a while back and was reminded why I loved the sport so much in my youth.  It is now late in the golf season but fall golfing is very rewarding too.  Lower temps and fewer bugs mean you can be more comfortable while you swing away.

A light rain was falling when I awoke.  The weather forecast was calling for "a risk of rain, sometimes heavy."  I had gone to bed the night before anticipating getting out golfing.  I don't get to golf much so the chance to get out and beat a white ball around a green field had me a bit excited.  My anticipation waned some though with the forecast.

I counted my golf balls to make sure I had enough.  When you golf like I do, you need at least 18.  Then, because I have a tendency to leave clubs behind, I made sure I had them all to start with at least.  Finally I cleaned out my golf bag, throwing out whatever I didn't absolutely need, including a bag of tees, the practice weight and some pennies leftover from a previous round.  If I had to carry my bag, I didn't want any extra weight because regardless of the clubs, I'd be tired after 18 holes and somewhere around 100 swings of the club. 

As we made our way to the Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club the rain held off with only light occasional showers.  We only encountered a short down pour half way through the round.  The course is hilly and offers great views if you can keep your ball in the fairway.  Fortunately for me, I was driving the ball well that day so I was able to avoid the woods for the most part.  Putting however was a poor spot in my round and I can attest that the greens at the Petitcodiac Valley Golf and Country Club are in great shape.  I should know, I saw almost every inch of them, especially the ones on the front nine. 

I may have stated this before in my column but golf is a frustrating, yet rewarding game.  My front nine, mainly thanks to my putting, was horrendous.  Yet on hole 7, after two very poor shots, I stood over my ball, took a deep breath and drove a 5 wood up close enough to make a bogey on the par 4 hole.  I should state that when I see par, I instantly add one stroke and aim for that.  So to make a bogey meant I reached my goal.  It was one shot that made my front nine satisfying despite all the frustration I felt through most of it.  I hadn't made a bogey since the first hole so that bogey was a great feeling and changed my whole outlook.  I managed to follow it with two pars and I finished the front nine with a 54.

There were more bogeys and a couple of more pars on the back nine and I managed to sink a few putts.  The conversation was light and we chided each other lightly when a bad shot, heck even when a good shot was made.  The rain held off nicely and with the overcast sky, it wasn't too warm either.  In all it was almost a perfect round especially if you overlook the scorecard. 

If you're looking for a round of golf the course in Petitcodiac has some great green fee deals and there are courses for all types of golfers in this part of the province.  Check out Golf NB for some of your options.