Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunshine, spring, and driving

Well, obviously I am not one of those people who can maintain a daily blog. Come on I have a full time job, I write a column for a local paper, and I have a family...I just don't always have the time. When I finally find the time though, I must say I enjoy this style of writing. It is a bit more liberating than writing for a paper...no deadlines, no word limits, no topic barriers...just freedom.

Easter weekend here was incredible. My wife over did it on the purchase of treats and toys, so we will be broke for the month of April but oh well, we had a really enjoyable weekend and that is worth all the money in a month. Really it is.

We travelled to a nearby city by car and I remember how I enjoy driving on sunny days. It is like being a kid again and getting your bike out for the first ride of spring. The snow isn't quite gone so you pretend you're a four wheeler and ride the hard snow along the snowmobile trails. Every now and then you fall through and are sent sprawling across the ground. You and your biking buddies are laughing it up in the sun so it doesn't hurt a bit. Thankfully, in my car, I don't fall through the road, although there are some wild pot holes out there.

Here in the Maritimes we are still waiting for spring to truly arrive and soon the fishing will start. I can't wait. My son is old enough this summer that I think I can take him out once or twice to some small streams and holes to enjoy the outdoors. Till next time enjoy the pic of the week. This one will get all you folks out there dreaming of that big one.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pic of the week for March 15 08

For my pic this week I have chosen a fall sunset viewed from my backyard. The wheat gives the whole pic a golden aura and really creates a sense of wonder. I also really like the way the timothy frames the right hand side of the photo. It is one of my favorite pics. I truly appreciate my backyard when I look at this pic, but everyone should learn to appreciate what is in their own backyard. Enjoy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Picture of the week

Well the weather didn't cooperate this weekend at all. I don't mind hiking in rain or snow, but a freezing rain that is pelting down and making everything slippery is no fun at all. Needless to say, I didn't get our for a hike and to rub salt in the wound, today is a beautiful day and I have to work. Isn't that always the way? Maybe tonight I can go for a walk with my son and wife. Until I get out again I will give you this pic to ponder over. The pic was taken on a great day hike I did last winter. A great day in February where I walked in a t-shirt and I could hear the music playing on the slopes of Poley. Where I am standing is just in front of a rock escarpment that drops about 150' to the river valley below. Behind me is a lush mixed forest with beech, pine, hemlock, spruce, maple, and birch. Truly a great day for hiking and photography, I couldn't take a bad pic.

Friday, March 7, 2008

One day

"What a difference a day makes." I often can be heard saying this. I have no idea why, I just picked it up somewhere. Today though it rings of truth. The other day we had freezing rain, snow, freezing rain, rain, then back to freezing rain. It was a mess. The next day was bitter cold, then today it was a warm March day. I was out at lunch with a t-shirt on and, get this, I was comfortable.

Days like today though make me ache to get out even more. I should have some free time tomorrow and Sunday so I am definitely gonna get out for a hike somewhere this weekend. Oh I gotta itch and I gotta scratch it. I'll keep ya posted.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tired of snow??

As much as I hate to say it, I'm getting tired of winter. We just received another huge dump of snow and now they are calling for more. My shoulders ache with the thought of having to shovel my driveway again. I am longing for a nice night out in my tent where I don't have to bank the snow up and throw down a ground sheet. Alas it is only March though and we likely still have at least a month and a half before I can leave the ground sheet at home. I definitely have cabin fever even though I have been out snowshoing a few times this winter. Having broke my wrist this winter though has kept me hemmed in a bit more than I am used to, and it is getting to me.

Stayed tuned as I will be posting my pic of the week and some other new additions like a trail of the month, and gear lists.