Sunday, July 12, 2015

Laverty Falls Adventure

On Saturday, July 11th we got together with some friends and decided to take the kids on a hiking adventure in Fundy National Park (FNP)  FNP is a great hiking destination with trails for all skill sets.  The Moosehorn/Laverty Falls loop is a 7.5km +/- loop that is considered challenging.  All on this trip were up for the challenge though and we made a great day of it.  We took off around 9:00am and went down the Moosehorn trail.  Once on the river it wasn't long until we took a swim and played in one of the smaller falls and pools.  I put together a short video of the trip.  Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Therapy At Hopewell

Bloggers Note:  This blog first appeared in the Kings County Record, like many of my entries.  I have long wanted to visit Hopewell Rocks and recommit the beautiful scenery to my memories again.  Words can't bring this place to life so I encourage you to go and make your own memories.

The rocks at Hopewell  look good from any angle, but nothing beats being up close and personal.
You hear a lot about it.  It is one of the cornerstones of New Brunswick's tourism advertising.  Hopewell Rock's are an impressive creation of nature.  Sculpted by the hand of the creator they are incomparable and unattainable by anything man made.  I was too young to remember the last time I was there.  I have drove by the access road to the park but was always on my way somewhere else.  Thanks to my wife's effective planning, we changed this recently.
The lookout in Fundy National Park is always great for a photo op.
Following church on a recent Sunday we made the drive through Fundy National Park towards Hopewell Cape.  The drive was part of the adventure as we passed by other scenic areas that we now wish to go back and visit, Cape Enrage, Mary's Point, and Crooked Creek to name a few.  We rushed by them on this day so that we could beat the tide at "the Rocks." 

Tides are crucial for many along the Fundy Coast and planning a trip to the Rocks meant we had to arrive before the tides came in and restricted our access to the beach area.  More by good luck than good management we timed our arrival perfectly.  We arrived as the tide was coming in and were able to sit on the beach and watch as the "Flower Pot" rock became surrounded by seawater. 

The kids played in the puddles and waves and despite our efforts to keep them from getting their sneakers wet, we ultimately knew it was a losing battle.  In fact, I think we got our shoes wet as well.  We couldn't help it really.  Stacking rocks, giggles, laughter, rolling gravel, and crashing waves, the sounds were all blended together in the wind as I sat trying to take in the surroundings.  The place had a relaxed and joyous feel to it and I'm certain that if you were in a bad mood, you could go there and sit and have your mood changed.  All you would have to do is try to keep the smile off your face.

As I sat, I tried unsuccessfully to recall my trip there as a child.  Unable to bring it back to focus, I made a vow not to wait so long before visiting again.  Before long the tide chased us up the strategically placed stairway to the headland.  From there the trails took us back to the interpretation center but not before we had a mini-water fight at the foot/sneaker washing station.

We spent some time at the interpretation center before retreating to the parking area.  Here we got our barbeque out and prepared some hamburgers.  Oddly, we were interrupted by Park staff informing us the park would be closing in 20 minutes.  It was only 5:00 and there was lots of daylight left so this confused me.  No matter.  We hurried through our barbeque supper, loaded up the van and headed for home with more laughter and lots of memories. 

Once home I couldn't resist, I had to look up the hours to the Park and sure enough for that date, it was scheduled to close at 5:00 (17:00).  While this had put me out of sorts a little, next time, and there will be a next time, we'll plan a little better and maybe include time to take in some of those other destinations.  Come to think of it, I bet I could make a whole weekend out of it.