Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Whalen' s Pond??

It is no secret that I do a great deal of fishing.  I love being on the water and I have since I was a young kid.  That love of water feeds me when the fishing is slow and tonight while the temps hovered around 3*C it was slow and cold.

Despite the unseasonably cold temps I spent 3 hours tonight wading along the shore of one of my favorite creeks.   I watched for patterns in the currents and noted the depths and color changes as the water flowed over deep gravel and bedrock substrates.

Every now and then you find an oasis and it speaks to you from a spiritual place.  I found such a place during this cold outing.  Tall ferns, big trees, wildlife, and spiritual presence was inspiring.  I sat with no line in the water for more than 25 minutes and simply watched, listened, and smelled the awesome wilderness around me.  The spring peepers sang a harmony with the Canadian geese.  The wind blew gently through the poplar and ash which provided a calming white noise to the scene.  The mud from the nearby pond and the waving ferns provided a familiar and oddly comforting  aroma.

The family of beavers swimming in the pond provided excitement and company.  I talked to them and it appeared they quickly realized I was not a threat.  This idea put a smile on my face and I felt at harmony with nature.  It was a rewarding moment that I will cherish until the next time I find that natural space.