Monday, May 23, 2016

Little Salmon River Wandering

The Fundy Footpath has long been my get away .  The place where I go to get away from it all.  My kids are now old enough to share a small portion of the Footpath with.  My Dad and I led my two kids and my nephews into Little Salmon River via the Dustin Brook access trail this past weekend and the kids handled it like pros.

The weather was awesome and we enjoyed the protected natural area around Little Salmon River.  We threw stones, explored the tidal marsh, and wandered up the river to the Eye of the Needle.  The water was cool but we bravely waded into it a number of times to access the Eye.  The trilliums were numerous and I loved seeing the different hues they possessed.  The two days flew by and before I was ready we were hiking back out to the trail head.  I'm sure the kids were ready to go home as they put on approximately 20kms over the two days.  I'm super proud of them and can't wait to share more of the FFP with them.

Here is a quick video of the adventure.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dusin Brook Access

I have been trying to share some of my Google maps lately but for some reason folks can't seem to get them.  I thought I would try it through here.  If you came here hoping for some profound tidbits on the Fundy Footpath you might be dissappointed.  Stay tuned though because I'm taking 4 kids below the age of 10 to the FFP this weekend and that could offer some entertaining material.

Here is the map....I hope.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hey all!  Sometime ago I was asked to contribute my ideas towards a project on the Fundy Footpath.  The project team has completed their efforts and are inviting folks out to view the series.  Below is the invite I recieved and I want to share it with you.  They have made it easy for folks in this region to take in a viewing.

You are all invited to a FREE test screening of a web doc series called Surviving the Fundy Footpath. This six-part series follows Bruce Persaud, a city slicker from Toronto, with zero camping experience, as he attempts to complete one of Canada's toughest multi-day hikes. 

There are five events in total between May 25th and July 6th. All of the events are on our facebook page. Please reserve your tickets via eventbrite - Links to each show follow.  

The series was directed shot and edited by Craig Norris of VideoBand productions, in partnership with The Fundy Biosphere Reserve and the Fundy Hiking Trail Association.

The best way to support this community building project is simple -Bring a friend and spread the word!!

We look forward to seeing you there!