Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tired of snow??

As much as I hate to say it, I'm getting tired of winter. We just received another huge dump of snow and now they are calling for more. My shoulders ache with the thought of having to shovel my driveway again. I am longing for a nice night out in my tent where I don't have to bank the snow up and throw down a ground sheet. Alas it is only March though and we likely still have at least a month and a half before I can leave the ground sheet at home. I definitely have cabin fever even though I have been out snowshoing a few times this winter. Having broke my wrist this winter though has kept me hemmed in a bit more than I am used to, and it is getting to me.

Stayed tuned as I will be posting my pic of the week and some other new additions like a trail of the month, and gear lists.


Unknown said...

I've never gotten tired of the snow, but I've never lived where it snowed either. I look forward to your updates.

Rob said...

I hear you man on the snow. Its a drag.