Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are we really?

Wow is this a bizarre December so far. More ups and downs than a roller coaster as far as the weather goes. We have got a ton of rain yesterday and today again and the rivers have come up to flood stage for the 4th time this fall. That is a bit crazy. The only thing crazier is the state of our country's capital. What is happening in Ottawa? I am proudly Canadian, even in this time of economic hardship, but one thing I always like about our country is the leadership we demonstrated. We have never been scared of bucking the trends. Now however it seems that we are just another number in a long list of worriers.

As a people we have always been strong fighters, and I am sure that this time around will be no different. Those who have been suffering will continue to suffer through and hardly notice a difference, those who have been living high over the last while will now need to buckle down, quit bitching and put their nose back to the grind. Of course me, well I can't even tell if the economy is slow, so I have no sympathy for those who seem to be suffering. Maybe it is about time that the money makers start to appreciate the rest of us and maybe the economy would become more stable. You can only tip the scales to one side for so long before the scales break. I think that the breaking point is near, and I don't plan on standing underneath the falling debris, but as a good hardworking Canadian, I will help them put it back together after the pieces fall.

But really, are we at a time of economic crisis, or dare I say depression?

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