Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Addition

Well I have been really busy lately. That is no excuse though for not keeping my blog active. My life though has been crazy busy with lots of excitement. Most of that brought on by the birth of our second child. My wife and I are very happy to have added a healthy daughter to our family. Many of my macho friends asked me "So what are you gonna do with a daughter?" I didn't even hesitate when I answered "Teacher her to bait her own line."

I am looking forward to camping with both of our children. Our 4yr old son will be a pro by next summer and eager to teach his younger sister lots. Camping has always been a bonding experience for many families. No matter your family's skill, everyone can bond while out camping.

Ohh...I gotta go tend to a crying baby girl. Stay tuned though and I will provide a few family camping tips.

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