Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every now and then a song comes along that hits me. It speaks to me and pulls at me. I am a big fan of country music and the messages many country songs send out. Recently I heard a song by Joe Nichols titled "Believers" and man it felt like a freight train running through me. Everyone needs someone to believe in them and through my life I have been very fortunate to have great parents, wonderful siblings, and now a caring wife and two innocent children of my own. All of whom have shown belief in me at one time or another when I needed it most.

As much as we need someone to believe in us, we also need something to believe in. I believe in my family, especially my kids. They have such a great future ahead of them and my belief in them will hopefully provide them with strength and courage to make tough decisions and perform tough tasks. It also inspires my work, my writing, and my life.

I also believe in protecting the environment and I have been fortunate enough to make a living out of this belief. I think more people need to start putting the environment over thier pocket book. If this doesn't happen then someday we won't have a world to believe in.

One other belief, and likely my most important one, is there pushing me as well. That is my belief in God. It keeps me moving forward in the right direction and gives me strength to face some of my flaws as well. I also believe God will allow me to make mistakes and help me learn from them and this allows me to live with more passion and more belief. Now I won't preach, because I am no preacher for sure, but I hope you all have something to believe in or someone who believes in you.

Give the song a listen...I think it says it all.

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