Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Gotta show Grammy Dad"

Fishing season is now about a week old, hard to believe, because the weather makes it seem like it should be a month old.  I had my son out over the weekend and despite spending a great deal of time untangling his line and unhooking him from trees, we managed to catch 6 trout.  Two of them were below 7inches and the others were between 9-10inches.  The afternoon started off slow and I had a hard time keeping my son interested.  It was an overcast day and there was no action at all.  As the sun broke through the clouds though the fish came alive and we couldn't keep them off the line.

Seth became so excited he forgot the sunglasses he had found earlier, two holes back.  Back we went, to retrieve the "dinosaur glasses" he had found and lost.  He quickly found them again with his keen memory and sharp eyes.  I hope in the future he can look back and appreciate the time we spend together the way I do.  One thing I don't have to worry about is the way he loves to show his grammy the fish he caught.  "We gotta show Grammy Dad" he enthusiastically insisted.  I snickered to myself as my memory flashes back to when I was a kid.  I always had to show Mom the fish I caugth.  I know now that she doesn't appreciate the smell or the sight of the fish dripping in her kitchen, but she always acted excited and happy and that afternoon was no different.  I smiled at her that afternoon as she faked excitement for my son's catch and I hope she realizes how much we love and appreciate her for that and so much more.

I don't keep many fish over the season but I always like to keep some on my first trip just so I can savour the taste but I'll leave that for another post.  I have to take the trout home to clean them and my wife, like my mother doesn't like the smell, sight, or even the taste of trout.  She too, for the sake of Seth's enjoyment fakes excitement as he comes in screaming about finding glasses, catching trout, getting wet, and seeing Grammy and Grampy.  She looks at me as I tell her I was going to clean them in the sink and says "You're not serious. You better clean up the sink when your done."  It is a quick task for me to clean the fish and my son still has no interest in this part of fishing but he peeps in from time to check on his fish.

Later as I tuck him into bed I thank him for a great day and then we say our prayers and thank God for fish and family.

See you on the water.

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