Monday, June 14, 2010

Island Memories and a Great Get-a-way

Right now I sit, exhausted, watching cartoons with my son in a cottage in Prince Edward Island.  My wife worked hard to organize a family vacation and she picked a great spot to stay.  We have spent the last two days exploring what the Cavendish area of the Island has to offer a young family of four.  Now everyone is a bit tired but can't wait until tomorrow to find another beach to explore or a play area to enjoy.  It is just about time for my son's bedtime snack and I'm putting in time by putting thoughts to paper before I cut up some apple slices for him.

Now the trip is over so lets scroll ahead and look back....

The cottages my wife booked are "Swept Away Cottages" and I would recommend them to anyone.  Family friendly, great service, and an excellent distance from many of the Cavendish areas great activities such as golfing, beaches, theme parks, and evening entertainment.  With two young kids my wife and I had no problems keeping them entertained.  The cottages contained many amenities that made our trip simpler, including a dishwasher, and Heather was always available to provide some insight as to what to do next.

Of course we spent a good portion of time on the beaches and built sandcastles and splashed around.  We also went to Santa's Woods, the Cavendish Boardwalk, and the Stanley Bridge Marine Aquarium where fish were kept in live tanks for kids to see and touch.  I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the fish and stuffed bird and insect collection.  It was a naturalist's haven.

No trip to PEI is complete without a stop at the Gateway Village and our son had lots of fun creating havoc at the shops here while my wife searched for deals.  Of course my son was also very impressed with the Confederation Bridge and anyone who has ever travelled it will tell you that it truly is an engineering marvel.  With lots of sun and little wind, the 12.9km drive over the bridge flew by.  We cranked our necks in every direction trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible before entering the Gateway Village.

It was ironic that as we sat in a small diner in the Village that an old country song "Islands in the Stream" started playing.  Ironic for two reasons; first we were on an island; second because that song would likely have been playing when I was a bit older than my son and visiting PEI with my parents.  It instantly took me back to the number of family vacations I took with my parents and quickly I went through a number of childhood memories and hoped that I could help Seth and Shaylee create similar lifetime memories.  A great family trip that will start a new treasure chest of memories for me for sure.

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