Monday, July 4, 2011

Not Just Another Day

I feel blessed to be Canadian and to live my life, but even more so on Canada Day 
Canada Day is not just another day.  It has become a day that I anticipate every year.  It is a day that always turns out to be enjoyable and eventful, no matter the weather, or circumstances.  For the last number of years I have spent it with virtually the same people.  A combination of family and friends come together to catch up, swim, and eat their fill at the Reicker residence.  This year was no different for my family, but that doesn't mean it was just another day.  Canada Day has become THE day for summer fun.  We cram an enormous amount into one day.  A good breakfast, a parade, bouncy castles, water balloons, music, swimming, swings, food, and last but not least fireworks,  Yep no doubt about it, Canada Day is just another day, but just a bit more active than normal.

I hope you had a great Canada Day. 
We had a full Canada Day and all of us from the smallest up felt incredibly fullfilled but tired in the end.

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