Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Spring Alarm Clock

What is that noise?  Can you hear that buzzing sound?  It's like someone is running a wood planer on idle across the field there.  Do you hear it?  What is it?  I think I'm getting closer.  Now it sounds like a small plane over my head.  Its constant, like what Spiderman's spidy sense might sound like.  Wait, look at the tree there; it's moving.  Wait...its....its bees, tens to hundreds of bees!!

This is the conversation I had with the dog this afternoon as we played fetch after work.  The large ash tree in my yard was literally alive with the continous motion of the bees.  Once I realized what the noise was it was a bit unnerving to stand under the tree like I normally do to kick the dogs soccer ball.  Once I got over the thought of getting stung I started to grin at the buzzing reminder of spring.  Its like it was an alarm clock telling me it was time to awake and get into spring.


oeriv said...

Hey Ben
Nice story about the Bee's!
A scary thought on the decline of the honey Bee!

oeriv said...

Hi Ben
Nice story on the Bee's!
Scary thought on the decline of the honey Bee.

oeriv said...

Ben check my blog if u like