Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Relaxing Walk While Competing

Thanks for the pic Jamie Roach

Through past experiences that led to other columns I often have come to realize how I am aging.  One sport that I recently thought I'd like to try again is golf.  As a kid I spent my summers at one of three locations; the ball field, a good fishing hole, or on the golf course.  Once I had to start paying intermediate membership rates however, my golfing heavily decreased.   The majority of golf I play now is on the computer that I use to write my columns.  On the online World Golf Tour, I play as a pro with a 6 handicap but hardly burn a calorie through 18 holes.  Even with the online opportunity I still only play maybe 3 rounds a month, after all my lap top is for writing not playing.

A little over a week ago I was able to take part in a one day golf social as part of the local Chamber of Commerce tournament.  I was a bit nervous heading into the day as I was scared I would not be able to reach my own expectations or those of my own teammates.  The tournament was a four ball scramble which means we take the best ball for each shot with some exceptions.  My biggest fear was that we wouldn't want to ever play my ball.  Luckily my golf game was not as rusty as I thought it might be.

I struggled through the first two holes but my drive on the third hole was long enough that we used it for our first shot on the hole.  My next shot was terrible however as I shanked a five wood.  Golf is frustrating that way but when you hit a sweet shot you are hooked once again.  It is an up and down relationship for a player like me and it is that roller coaster and the challenge of keeping my emotions in check that has always got my competitive juices flowing.

Despite my online WGT ranking, I'm no where near a pro so I can't give anyone tips on golf.  I can say that it is a game that everyone should try because you don't have to be good to enjoy the walk.  In the Sussex area we are blessed with many courses and each has its selling features and no doubt everyone can find a course they enjoy, even if it is just for the walk.  Walking is the greatest exercise and after carrying your clubs and walking 18 holes you'll believe it.  After my first 18 holes of 2012 I know I sure could feel it.  My right wrist ached, my back was as tight as a drum, and I was exhausted, and we had taken a cart. 

If I recall, I always played better when I walked than when I played out of a golf cart.  The reason for this was that I could stay more relaxed when I walked.  I could let my mind wander away from golf for a bit and take the competition out of it.  The biggest competition in golf for me was myself and when I relax I play better.  I encourage everyone to get out on your favorite course and relax.

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