Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Refreshing Seasons

Fall is definitely in the air.  I sat at lunch this afternoon amidst the maple and spruce and could smell the moist mud and falling leaves.  I drank a freshly made, steaming, cup of tea and relished in my surroundings.  I loce fall mainly because when I'm in the field working there are few to no bugs, and the temperatures are much more bearable. As the leaves fall you are provided a different angle of the hills that lay behind the trees and you notice little, interesting, aspects of the topography.  A hidden rock face, that you vow to come back and tackle, appears, where before all you could see were the lush leaves of a stream side stand of ash trees.  The stream which days before was only a trickle is now a strong eroding force that carries stones and debris downward to the larger rivers.

As I sat an finished my tea I couldn't help but turn my head skyward and say a brief prayer of thanks.  The cycle of the seasons is a true gift that keeps us feeling refreshed and new.  As fall starts to fade into winter I will likely feel the thrill of winters treats.  I am blessed to work outdoors on a regular basis and I don't know if I could handle being stuck in my office all the time.  Being outdoors is refreshing in itself but the changing seasons further enhance that cleansing feeling and cause me to continually smile with a child like grin.

Where ever you were today I hope that you too enjoyed the day.

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