Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hey everyone tomorrow is a special day for me.  A day that should be celebrated.  It is also a day that should be like every other day.  Tomorrow is "Take Me Outside" day and I hope to celebrate it by doing what I love to taking a trip outside and up a river somewhere.

It's funny because just recently I had an opportunity to talk with some middle school boys and only 1 in 5 had spent more than 5 nights out in a tent.  This shocked me.  While I am aware with the "Youth Nature Deficit" I was surprised that this group I was talking to might suffer from that problem.  These boys were, in general, farm boys by nature and thus it would be expected that they might be regularly exposed to such activities.  Not so however.

This recent talk furthered my resolve to encourage others to get outside and explore nature.  From the expansive river valleys to what sits under a decaying leaf in your backyard.  It all has something to explore.  Get out there tomorrow.

Though we won't be fishing and he is in school, his Phys Ed class will be outdoors tomorrow.

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