Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Good Template Helps Event Planning

So tomorrow night I am helping put on a "Beginner's Fly Fishing Workshop."  I can remember when I first hosted this event.  The night before I was in complete panic mode and I was worried that it was going to flop.  Thanks to the strong template we've developed I will get to sleep tonight.

I have a full registration sheet thanks to good social media templates and generous local papers.

The educational presentation was easily updated and barring a power failure should go off without a hitch.

All the materials and handouts are packaged and ready to change hands.

The event location and a key are in hand and ready to go as are the tea and coffee perks.

One thing I can't control is the weather and unfortunately the forecast is not ideal but it should fair well enough thanks to the rest of the event.

If you didn't get registered for this event, keep your eye out on the Kennebecasis Watershed Restoration Committee's sites for our "Introduction to Warm Water Fly Fishing." There is some technical differences.

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