Sunday, April 17, 2016

Self Discovery While Fishing

There has long been some controversy between fly anglers and bait fisherman and I know that for the most part it is just anglers ripping on anglers.  Fishing is fishing right?  Wrong.
My first few fly casts on Trout Creek this season.

As I waded down through a stream tonight I suddenly realized something.  I was casting my bait line and it suddenly hit me.  As I reeled in my 8th brookie, I found my self reminiscing about my childhood.  When I came off the water I felt like I was 18 again.
One of the larger small stream brookies I caught on bait.  This beautiful fish was just shy of 10"
The night before I was out fly fishing and while I didn't have the same youthful exuberance I did have a great sense of tranquility and peace.  I felt mature somehow, maybe relaxed or reserved.  It was a completely different feeling than what I felt tonight with the bait rod in hand.

It might be just me.  I had a great childhood of digging worms and casting for trout so when I feel that tug of a fish on the line my memories instantly take me to my childhood.  I took on fly fishing as a challenge and as a way to challenge myself in my sport of choice.  With  the difference in how I undertook each it only stands to reason that each would have a different impact on my moods.
Fishing isn't always about the angling, sometimes you just have to take in the surroundings.
 What makes you smile when on the water?  If you love casting bait then cast away and if your preferred arsenal is flies then fire away.  Either way, get out there and enjoy the fishing.

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