Wednesday, October 8, 2008

just rambling

I am sitting here at my job this morning stressing out about various little things. Do you ever do that? I don't particularly need stress in my life but for some reason this morning I am creating it. I am a bit hungry so maybe that is why. It is a bizarre sensation to feel one self creating un-needed stress. I do not think I am alone in this endeavor though. In fact, I bet just about everyone creates an un-needed stress in their life. We all tend to worry about money, relationships, food (did I mention I was hungry), etc. Stress, I think, is a fact of life. It is how we deal with stress that defines who we are. Today I am dealing by writing this blog. By getting my creative juices flowing, I often am able to create a sense of focus within myself. This focus allows me to get on with my job and finish the tasks at hand while not allowing my mind to wander to all those other little things, such as my stomach growling.
The other way I reduce stress is play. Now before you make any false assumptions about me, I have to state "I have a good work ethic (I think)." I make time to play. I go hiking or backpacking, I play with my son, I go fishing, or I just simply act a fool. All this keeps my stress level down. Since I have wrote about this issue once before (I think), it may not be working though??? I feel better though now that I have wrote this blog so thanks.

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