Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Redd Eye...

I often sit at work and think...."wow I got a great job." Lately I have been on the banks of the rivers assessing future restoration sites. This work though lends itself greatly to watching those rapids and riffles looking for salmon redds. It is an awe inspiring thing to see a salmon in its natural habitat and lately I have been keeping an eye out for them. Today brought rain and I was hoping to see one but as luck would have it I am stuck in the office today finalizing some project reports and preparing a funding proposal. Still I hope tomorrow to be back along the banks of the river and looking for redds.

I think with todays weather there is no doubt that winter and snow are not that far away. I know this is true because the deer have started to gather again in my back yard at night. I can usually expect them this time of year for a couple weeks and then they dissappear, only to return in December.

Well I hope you all are enjoying your fall. My family has been having a blast. We raked the leaves the other day and man what fun it is acting like a kid. All we needed was a big pile of leaves to jump in. My son must have ran circles around that pile 50 times. We had a blast and of course got some great pics. I have noticed too on FB that everyone must choose to have their family photos done in the fall because alot of my friends have their recent pics posted. I hope they don't get redd eye....get it? LOL what can I say I'm a dork.

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