Monday, June 1, 2009

Gear List

I'm planning a trip for four days across NBs Fundy Footpath. I have done this trip many times but I have a first timer going with us and he has asked for a gear list and menu. So this is what I have suggested he take for gear. At first I wasn't going to post it here as I dislike gear lists and always find them more of a personal preference but then I thought...why not. Maybe there are others out there who would like to know what I think. Look at it this least you don't have to pay me a penny for my thoughts. :)


- Tent
- Sleeping bag
- Air mattress
- Blanket
- Toque
- Long johns
- T-shirt
- Camp stove
- Fuel
- 2L pot
- 1L pot
- Frying pan
- Spatula
- Knife/fork/spoon
- Bowl
- Cup
- Lighter
- Spices
- Water filter
- Dish towel
- Dish soap
- Tooth brush
- Tooth paste
- First aid Kit
- Tweezers
- Nail clippers
- Towel (optional)
- Boots
- Wind breaker
- Sweat shirt (1)
- Polypropelene shirt (2)
- T-shirt (2)
- Shorts (2)
- Windpants
- Hat
- Gloves
- Socks (4)
- Underwear (3)
- Maps
- Compass
- Water bottle
- Flashlight
- Book
- Camera
- Binoculars
- Candle lantern
- Hiking stick

I know lists are boring but hey it sure helps when you go to track down all the gear you have stashed all over the house.

I'll be sure to let you know how the trip goes. It's the FFP so I'm sure it'll be a blast. I've posted a video of me babbling like a brook just to show you how goofy I am, but also to illustrate some of the FFP.

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Anonymous said...

That's a lot of stuff, bringing a donkey with you to carry it? :P