Thursday, August 5, 2010

Releasing Fish and Stress

Wow are the rivers ever running low and warm.  I was out for a fish a few evenings ago and when I stepped into the water with my trusty, worn out, fishing sneakers, I couldn't believe how warm the river was.  In this part of New Brunswick we can usually count on 3-5 days of above 30 degree Celsius for the entire summer.  This summer we have had a couple of stretches with a number of days in a row having that kind of temperature.  I was still surprised at how warm the water was, especially since the Trout Creek is usually to cold to swim in, even on a 30 degree day.

Despite the warm temps, the evening shade was enough to bring the brookies out to feed.  Within my first 3 casts I hooked a chunky 8" trout that had more fight than I anticipated.  The evening wore on as I fished upstream from near Sussex Corner and I hooked and released 14 trout.  They ranged in size from 8-11" and all were on the chunky side.  I couldn't help but feel rewarded for all the work I have been putting into restoring the Kennebecasis River.

It was a great way to "de-stress" and after I decided to give the fish a break, I sat on the river bank, above a deep pool, and watched the sun go down back down the creek valley.  Further up the valley I admired the ridge that creates the Bluff on the creeks right bank while on the left was the massive "Jack's Hill."  It was a peaceful evening that left me, once again loving this great area I have been so fortunate to grow up in.  Where I sat was on the edge of a farm field under a maple grove and on this night it was very quiet and peaceful.  As I begrudgingly left the farm field I followed a trail back down the Creek valley to where I parked my car.  After a long day at work doing data analyses and project budgets this would be great therapy for anyone.

I hope you're able to get out and enjoy a river near you.

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