Friday, April 29, 2011

Small Town Charms All Around Today

It turned out to be a great afternoon and I had to get out of the office for a while and enjoy it.  I had some banking and payments to mail out so I headed to the uptown area.  I parked my car at a central location along Broad Street in Sussex and walked around to complete my errands.  My first stop was at the post office where they know me when I come in and I often engage in small talk.   Today the conversation was very humorous and enjoyable.  This was due in large part because of the great sunshine coming in through the glass front building I'm sure.  The next stop was Sully's Ice Cream for a lunchtime treat.  It was great..thanks for the ice cream Ryan.  The staff there are always friendly and cheerful and that is part of the reason why it has turned into such a successful business.  I sat on a chair under the eave of the Historic Train Station and enjoyed my "Death by Chocolate" and watched as many people walked by enjoying the day.

Next up was the Bayview Credit Union.  I know banks are not usually a place where one would enjoy going but the staff at the Bayview try their best to make your visit pleasant.  It is great to walk into a bank and have them know your name and chat with you before taking or handing you money.  The day was topped off with a chat on the sidewalk with my Aunt Sue who is visiting from Calgary and my Grandmother.  It was a great chat filled with laughter and hugs.  Love you both and you made my day and inspired me to write today.

There is a lot to be said about the charms of a small town and I experienced most of it this afternoon over my lunch hour.  Living in this part of New Brunswick is incredible and we don't necessarily need an economic boost...I believe we are making out just fine.  If further mining and natural gas is brought to the area then I think we should quickly plan how to develop this area and maintain the small town feel that so many of us love and enjoy.  We can grow best if we grow cooperatively.

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