Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thanks to God and Family on Good Friday

It is Good Friday and it has been better than Good it has been GREAT.  I woke up this morning and had breakfast with my kids and as I was doing the breakfast dishes I was cheered on by a warbler singing cheerfully in the globe cedar out in our front yard.  After completing some of the indoor chores I took my son downtown to do some errands, one of which was to get my fishing licence.  This would turn out to be $26 that I would quickly earn back.  He and I returned home and did some yard work...well I did the yard work while he impressed me with his artistry skills by drawing with chalk on all the rocks in the garden.

Earlier in the week my parents had invited our family up for an Easter lunch and so we loaded the kids into the car while the sun warmed us and continued to lift our spirits.  It was truly a day blessed by God.  We made the short drive and my son was out of the car before it stopped I think.  All he had been talking about was going fishing for the last month and a half and today I told him we would....after lunch.  He was very patient and managed to eat some lunch and waited longer still as I ate mine.  It was a great meal with our entire family gathered to enjoy the day God had made.

The kids went outside to play as the adults cleaned up the kitchen and after I was done I went outside to see if Seth still wanted to go fishing.  Silly question.  He came running the minute he saw me and hollered "Can we go fishing now?!"  We grabbed our fishing gear out of the trunk of the car and away we went.  Of course all the boys joined me, 5 in total, and we hit the first deep pool just below my parents place on this small 3rd order stream.  The water was running fast but clear and right away my son brought a fish to the surface, and shortly after that landed one before I had all the poles ready to go.  First fish of the season and he was happy to let it go. 

Shortly after that there was a double hit and 2 10"+ trout were landed.  This time I wasn't able to convince any of the boys to let them go.  I gave them all a quick lesson on why it is important to let most fish go but told them that as long as they were going to eat the fish they could keep 2 or 3 (the limit here is 5 but don't tell them.)  Fishing kept the interest of most of the kids for about 15minutes but Seth and his cousin Kyle kept with it and wanted to continue to explore some of the brook.  After trying the holes directly behind my parents house I asked the boys if they wanted to continue up the brook and they were eager to see what was around the next bend everytime.

It wasn't about the fishing, it wasn't even so much about family; though they were a very important part, it was more about the great spring weather and being on this small brook that I knew so well.  The temperature was perfect with no flies, the sun warmed the body and the soul, the sound of the water cascading over the bedrock was  comforting, the light breeze through the tops of the spruce, pines, cedars was calming, and the smell of those same trees was mesmerizing.  It was a great day to enjoy and our family truly enjoyed the day. 

Thanks to my family.

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