Saturday, May 21, 2011

Making memories

There are not enough moments in our life where we make memories.  Last night at Sully's Ice Cream in Sussex however, our family added a moment to the memory banks.

It started off rather below normal as my wife calls me just before I'm leaving work to ask if I want to go for ice cream later that night with the kids.  I'm a big ice cream lover, especially "Death by Chocloate", so it was a no brainer.  I made the drive home and we had supper and then cleaned the kids up a bit before taking off for town to meet my sister and her kids for the anticipated treat.  I was told on the drive down that my brother and his family would be there as well, so I thought "Man this is shaping up to be quite a party."

As the eleven of us sat there, my Mom and Dad drove by and stopped in as well.  It was a great moment where we shared light converation and the kids ran around with one another.  To top that moment, a train came by and the kids all watched it, enthralled with its size and loud clickety clacking.  I could see the family moment building there in that moment as I held my daughter and watched her reaction to the train and as I looked over at the wide eyed, big grinning expression on my son's face.

As we got ready to leave I braced myself for an anticipated fight with the kids but it never came.  We peacefully loaded them into the car for the drive home.  Usually this might be where the memory would end...but on this night it is where it would be cemented into not just a memorable moment but a great moment.  There was a funky song on the radio and my son started dancing foolishly in his booster seat and the rest of us joined in.  Laughing the whole way home, we even sat in the car for sometime in the driveway still dancing away foolishly.  For those who may have drove past us last night who were worried we might run into you, I apologize.

God thank you for family, and thanks so much for a great memory.


Kevin Gorman said...

Ben.. thanks for sharing that moment. We have been truly blessed and I love to hear others appreciate that fact. Looking back on a life well lived these are the times to remember, relationships and time spent with family and friends.

"Death by Chocolate" - maybe we can make that a rapture request.

Give my best to the family.. and keep posting.

Wandering Whalen said...

Thanks Kevin. Family is inspirational on many occassions for me and it makes writing worthwhile for me. Thanks for reading.