Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New National Park for the Maritime Region

The east coast of Canada has likely some of the best shoreline scenery and coastal features of this great country of ours so it was no surprise to me to hear that Sable Island was granted National Park status.  You can check out a more official document here.  I feel that any effort to conserve or preserve our wilderness areas, especially unique and valuable ones is a great thing but I wonder if the National Park designation in this instance is sufficient enough.  Nowadays a National Park is considered a tourism destination and in some instances, and I feel Sable Island may be one, the area designated is not large enough or stable enough to even withstand minimal tourism impacts.  Sable Island is a fragile sand dune ecosystem with a sustainable wild horse herd.  Add 100 seasonal travelers to the mix and the sands and associated vegetation may start to shift.  I am hoping the government investigated all these issues and I will give them the benefit of doubt so I will say cheers Ottawa for protecting the future of this great jewel in the middle of the Atlantic.  Some will take issue with the proximity of the off-shore drill rigs and the potential for impact they have but for now, lets stand up and celebrate the establishment of another Park in our Country.

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