Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not Guilty

A while back I wrote about how I was given a ticket for crossing the railroad tracks in my home town.  Well today I went to court to fight the ticket.  I have never had to face a judge before and I have to admit it was a bit unsettling.  My heart thumped a bit faster as I approached the court house and my feet felt heavy as I climbed the stairs.  I made it inside where I immediately joined a line with those waiting to see the public counsel.  I was one of many that day contesting a ticket for crossing the railroad tracks and I was advised that all those present were pleading not guilty.  I took my seat in court and waited for the session to begin, still uncertain as to the process that would follow.

It turned out to be uneventful as the judge and a lawyer representing one of the other CN trespassers discussed the cases as a batch.  It was decided that all those present contesting the trespassing charge would need to appear in court again for a hearing.  We were then all dismissed.  It was a rather anticlimatic event actually but now I will once again have to go to court so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

How about you stick to writing about your wilderness adventures, Ben? We really don't need to hear about you whining about your ticket yet again. Pay the fine, you already said you crossed the track.

Wandering Whalen said...

Notice anonymous that I posted your rather gutless and rude comment. I'm entitled to my due process and was advised by counsel to follow the norm of the half dozen others in court that day. If you look at this follow up blog, I didn't whine about anything and it was more about how appearing in court was a bit nerve racking. Thanks for reading my blog though.