Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Father Daughter Picnic

What a beautiful day it is out there.  The sun is shining, the temperature is above seasonal, and you could easily say spring is in the air.  I come out of the hockey rink this moring and instantly felt a bit happier as the sun shone brightly on my face.  Coaching hockey this morning was a bit difficult as my son wasn't there as he and his mother went to Saint John to take in Ray's Reptiles.  This however, meant that I could spend some quality time with my daughter.  After I picked her up from some generous friends who baby sat her while I was at hockey, we went home and packed a lunch for a picnic and play day.

We hiked a short distance to the nearby Sullivan Park.  It shouldn't have taken much more than 10 minutes to get there but since we went her pace, it took close to 40minutes.  Needless to say by the time we got there we were both pretty hungry.  I pulled out the veggies, fruit, and her favorite PB&J sandwiches and chowed down as the sun glistened off the snow covered fields next to the park.  We watched Canada Geese feed on the left over corn in those same fields as the dog barked.  The more the dog barked the harder Shaylee would laugh. 

After some Oreo cookies it was time to get to playing and swinging and as we finished eating we were surprised to see a good friend of Shaylee's stop in at the park to play as well.  We all played "you can't catch me" and laughed away the afternoon.  On the way back home Shaylee once again jumped in every mud puddle and climbed every snow bank.  She played hard enough to earn a cup of hot chocolate and a movie when she got home.  As she is only two I thought she might fall asleep after that hard afternoon but instead she danced to every song on the cartoon movie.

It was a great father/daughter day and I hope we get to spend many more just like it.

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