Friday, March 2, 2012

Steeping a Spot of Tea

When I am stressed, tired, frustrated, or even cold, there is one thing that is guaranteed to make me feel better.  I love tea.  I'm not into fancy teas but I'm easily comforted by a darkly steeped cup of orange pekoe tea.  Over the many thousands of cups I have learned a few things about how I like my tea and how to get the best out of it.

If you follow my blog it won't surprise you to find out that I prefer to drink my tea while camping.  If I'm backpacking along the Fundy Coast, there is no better tea than when I brew it over my whisperlite stove on a cool spring morning at Goose River.  If I'm not outdoors or in my own kitchen then where can I find a good cup of tea in and around Kings County. 

Ok, I'll admit it, I love my Tim Horton's.  Most of the time this is where my tea comes from.  I love going to my local Tim's and see who is there to chat with and knowing that when I get to the counter the servers simply confirm my order.  Tea is about comfort and Tim's is pure Canadian comfort.  They aren't the only coffee shop around though.

Break Away Cafe, Main Street, Sussex, has a more professional atmosphere than Tim's.  When you add the wireless internet to the mix it blends well for an enjoyable cup of tea.  After my banking I will stop in and meet a colleague for a coffee break.  The smaller space and the Main Street location makes the place feel cozy and you can easily engage in a sophisticated discussion without needing to raise your voice to be heard.  The tea is not on steeping when you come in so you can make it as weak or as strong as you like.  Typically I like a strong cup of tea.  If you can see the bottom of the cup before adding milk, it's too weak for me.  While you wait for your pot to steep you can surf the net or chat with friends about the latest political movements or sports trades.

I prefer a little milk in my tea over cream.  I find the cream gives the tea a pasty after taste and this takes away from the enjoyment of the cup.  The water is important too.  Luckily, throughout most of Kings County, NB, we are blessed with good water as the quality of the water in your tea makes a difference.  If you like your tea at the Tim Horton's here in Sussex, you'll likely be highly dissappointed with the same Tim Horton's product in Oromocto.

The cup you put your tea in is important too.  It should keep the tea warm for a long time, fit perfectly to your hands, and instead of having a full set, it should be one of a kind.  Don't ask me why, that's just the way I like it.  So right now I'm sitting enjoying a cup of tea, writing this blog post, and listening to some country music which, by the way, is also an important ingredient when blending the perfect cup of tea.  Enjoy

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sandra said...

Just read your wanderings on "a cup of tea". You hit the nail on the head for me as well. There is nothing I like better than to sit down with a hot cup of tea with milk, just chillin. A very good post Ben.
Aunt Sandra