Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hobbies and Jobs

It is no secret that I love my job, or maybe I should say jobs.  I work hard to make ends meet while trying to make a positive impact on the environment and community in which I live.  It is rewarding when I see my kids exhibit pride in what I do.  Recently I was asked if I could attend my son's grade 2 class to discuss my job (I say job, as it is far from a career at this point) as a writer.  Now, before you start laughing out loud. I don't consider myself a true writer.  I have always considered my writing more as an enjoyable hobby that I can enjoy.  I use my hobby to prepare for my full time job as a Project Manager for a non-profit organization. 

This link between hobby and job came in handy as it gave me enough material to impress the eager minds of this engaging class.  The teacher, to her credit, had done a great job prepping the students with questions and they had no lack of stories to share.  I encouraged the kids to embrace their creative side which I didn't do as a young boy.  I related to them how writing is crucial to so many careers (jobs) that they might pursue.  From the hockey players who might need to draft and read contracts (Come on NHLPA and NHL Owners) or to the girl who was dressed as a designer who would need to write down ideas and proposals, I tried to connect to each developing mind.
Photo courtesy of Mrs. Davis :)

That morning my son had dressed up as a field ecologist and I had given him all he needed.  A camera, binoculars, a field book, polarized sunglasses, sample bottles, and an old conductivity meter I had. Oh and since its hunting season, I made sure he put on his hunter orange vest.  He loved it and looked awesome, but I might be a bit biased.  At the end of my brief presentation the teacher, Mrs. Davis, asked me to pose for a class photo.  I was so happy when she forwarded the photo to me.

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