Friday, November 30, 2012

In the Christmas Spirit

Its official, I'm in the Christmas spirit.  While I did the dishes tonight I put on some Alabama Christmas music.  It started with a great post that I watched on Facebook this morning.  You may have seen it as it has made the rounds before.  It didn't quite bring me to tears but it did move me into the Christmas spirit and hence the Alabama and later Kenny and Dolly playing on my player tonight.

After finishing the dishes I took the kids to the basement to pull up some of the Christmas decorations.  Just so you don't think that I'm to much of a keener, my wife had asked me to get the hangers for the wreaths that arrived today.  I figured since I was down there I might as well bring up a few boxes.  It didn't take the kids long, especially my oldest, to start pulling things out of the boxes.  Before I knew it there were more empty boxes than full ones.  We were having a blast.  The kids had me laughing and smiling so big that my cheeks turned as red as ol' Saint Nick's.

I have a theory on the music that I'll write about later.  Let me just say it has family ties.

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