Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Fun Winter Afternoon

What a great afternoon!!!  I took my two kids, along with my father and the two dogs, for a walk up along the ridge that overlooks the Newline Road.  It is a great spot with a spectacular view.  I mean spectacular.  The grey clouds were broken from time to time with vibrant streaks of blue.  The foggy horizon would sometimes rise like a curtain in a theater and reveal other scenes from a spooky mystery.

My father and I pulled the kids up the hill in their sleds and it was a heck of a work out.  The kids had a great time laughing and encouraging us along.  Needless to say, we took many breaks before making the top of the hill.  I think if the kids were in a poor mood I would have never made the top.  Once at the top we enjoyed the view and took a couple of sliding runs down the other side.  While the kids enjoyed the sliding I put together a small fire and prepped a snack of hot chocolate, crackers, and cookies.

Before the snack we built what ended up being a faceless and severely bruised snow man.  My son has a hard time leaving a snow man upright and without the hot chocolate and cookies, I don't think our snow man would have survived his onslaught.  The snack was enough to get his attention though and after the snack we prepped for the long slide back down the hill.

The snow was wet and packed, not great for sliding.  We didn't break any speed records for sure but it was still easier than the walk up the hill.  Regardless the kids enjoyed the trip down and we shortly made our way home.  Everyone a bit tired and thankful for this great area we live in.

Here is a quick map of our little family adventure.

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