Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taking One Step at a Time

Age has a way of catching up to you and with it, aching joints, some extra weight, and odd memory loss.  I'm not that old but over the last year I was starting to put on more weight than I was comfortable with.  I attribute it to the fact that I'm spending more time on my computer writing reports, proposals, and columns, and less time wandering up river valleys and over ridges.

To make up for this I made my first venture into the PotashCorp Civic Center.  This is my first week of running during my lunch hours.  After the first day my legs were sore; so sore that stairs made me cringe the next morning.  Despite that pain I went to the track again and ran a few laps and walked a number of laps as well.  Now the evening of my fourth day my legs are actually starting to adjust and my muscles are remembering...."Oh yeah this is what we used to do during soccer practice and the 10k runs we did 25years ago."

I'm also remembering something else.  It makes me feel great when I run.  My blood pumps a smile to my face it seems.  The sore muscles remind me to live.  My afternoons at the office now don't seem quite so long.

So what is my impression of the Civic Center?  I much prefer to run outside rather than around a track.  If I have to run though then the PotashCorp Civic Center is good place to do it.  Sun splashing in through big windows, friendly staff, and clean facilities all make a guy feel ready to go and workout.

I'll be at it again tomorrow and if you think maybe you could stand to be a bit healthier than I encourage you to try it.  Simply take one step at a time.

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