Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fishing Journal, April 15, 2013

Prior to fishing season I was  asked a question I wasn't sure the answer too.  Before the fishing season opened I took the time to find out.  The question was, "If my 8 year old son wants to go fishing do I need a license to accompany him?"  Here is what I found in the NB Fish 2013 booklet distributed by the NB Department of Natural Resources.  For anglers under 16 the booklet makes the following statements:  

"Resident anglers 10 to 15 years old must buy an Atlantic salmon license if they want their own bag limit."
"Anglers, who are under 16 and do not have an Atlantic salmon licence, may fish for Atlantic salmon only when accompanied by an angler with a valid salmon licence. The licence holder must include the child’s catch in his/her daily catch limit."
"Anglers under the age of 16 who do not wish to fish for salmon do not require an angling licence. These anglers have theirown daily bag limit."

So my interpretation, and you may wish to get DNR to verify this, is that if your child (under 16) is fishing for trout he can do so without an accompanying license.  However, if you go with your child, you can not be fishing, unless you have a license. All that being said I suggest you purchase a license.

Without a license, I took my son and daughter fishing on April 15th, for the traditional first day fish.  The kids had one pole between them as my daughter is only 3 so likely wouldn't fish.  Her and I stacked rocks while my 7 year old son got the lines wet.  After I carried my daughter through the thickets and over blow downs, between each fishing hole, I was convinced that the fish were going to out smart Seth, or that if they were there that Shaylee or the dog scared them away before Seth had a chance.  Both kids insisted we keep trying so I carried them across the stream one last time so Seth could cast into a small but deep pool.

After my third rock tower was knocked over by Shaylee, Seth let out an excited scream.  He hollered "Dad, I caught one! I caught one!!"  I turned around expecting to see a small trout or chub but was surprised to see a modest 8" trout being tossed around on the end of his line.  I helped him get it off the hook and he couldn't wait to take it home to tell his mom.

All in all it was a great first day experience for all.  I hope you had a good opening day and wish you tight lines through this season.

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