Thursday, April 25, 2013

Soccer Talk

This was my latest column which I had published in the Kings County Record.  We have since registered both kids for soccer and now wait patiently for the season to start.  I look forward to sitting back and watching from the sidelines.  Thanks to all those who work hard for Kings County Soccer.
"Dude, you're a Dad." once said commercial that appealed to me not long ago.  That has been apparent to me for sometime and I relish in the roll as Dad.  At times I struggle though.  One aspect I have trouble dealing with is that my recreational activities are now more based around my kid's choices.  Honestly, I think just getting the kids to all their appointments, practices, and games could be a sport in itself.  I think if I'm hitting .600 I'm doing well, which means you have to be better at it, than hitting a baseball.  I have a great team mate in my wife who keeps me on track and heading in the right direction other wise my kids would likely relegate me to the "parenting minors."
This summer my average might be better than last.  After playing baseball for two years, my son has decided he wants to try soccer again.  This suits me fine as my daughter also wants to play soccer.  This means that I only need to go to the field one night a week.  That should be easy enough.  Even better, I'm pretty confident they won't ask me to coach, because I know very little about soccer.  This means I'll have time to socialize and enjoy watching my kids develop as they play.  This is a win-win, for me, my kids, not to mention the players who won't have to listen to me holler instructions as a coach.
I'm really looking forward to watching my daughter play this summer.  This will be her first organized team activity.  I'm interested to see if I will encourage her as loudly as I do my son.  Will I instruct her as enthusiastically and push her as hard as I push my son.  I have to admit that is not one of my finer points and I hope I can improve my cheering skills this summer.  I've never been a great spectator so this will be a new role for me and I'm looking forward to it. 
In high school I only played a little soccer.  My best skill was that I could run.  Kicking, which by the way is important in soccer, was my weakness.  When it came to using my head, well I couldn't think soccer that well, but I scored more goals with my head than I did my feet.  That is likely due to the fact that Perry Crawford seemed to get a thrill out of being able to hit me in the head with the ball when making a corner kick.  Despite my lack of soccer skills, I loved the sport.  It tested me and was gruelling on the body.  The running was a great way to get my body ready for hockey season and just keep me in good shape and active.

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