Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garden Update

It was a month ago that we planted our garden.  At the time I was worried that it might be a bit early to put it in but so far it seems to be doing fine.  I have had to place blankets out on three nights to protect the new growth from frost.  This evening I took a walk around our house and snapped some photos of what we have blooming and growing at this point.  We have been busy weeding and we use the garden to dig worms in for our fishing trips and most of all the kids have been learning a bit about where food comes from.  Our vegetable garden is a new venture but we have a few flower beds that we have been working and learning about since we bought our house in 2009.  I hope you enjoy the photos below.  They were taken on June 4th and will serve to remind us later when certain plants bloom.  We have taken other photos as well of others but they occurred inside the month of the vegetable garden being planted.
This iris sits along the southeast side of our house and smells great when we leave the house in the morning.

This flower beds is along the front of our house and the onion is now in bloom.

I'm actually not sure what flower this is and I'm hoping someone can tell me :)

Again not sure what these blurry bells are?  I said in the entry above, I'm learning.

These are our peas one month after we planted them

Our beans are approaching 6" in height and look healthy despite the frosty nights.

Our carrots are almost ready for a thinning.

Our lilacs are in full bloom and have attracted lots of bees.

Like the lilacs our snowball tree is crowding our drive way but doing great at masking the gas smells coming from the car.

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Anonymous said...

The purple flower looks like allium and the white bells are lily of the valley