Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Fun at Poley Mountain

I have seen the post on-line a number of times "Cousins are our first friends."  Looks so true here.
What a beautiful fall day!  Wow.  The kids and I made the best of it while my wife visited family in Saint John today.  Poley Mountain is typically considered a winter destination but from what I saw this afternoon, they should expand their marketing strategy.  The view from the chair lift and from the trails was astounding.  I met my sister and her two boys in the parking lot and at that time was uncertain what to expect.  I didn't need to worry, we were outdoors and the weather was sunny with a light breeze.  What more did we need?

After exploring the facilities a little, including a brief stop at the cozy "Fireside Lounge" we purchased a lift ticket for a reasonable $5 fee.  I know I have paid $5 for a lot worse experiences.  We then made our way to the chair lift.  Now might be a good time to mention that I haven't been to Poley Mountain since I was a kid about 8 years old, so I guess about 20 years ago (wink, wink.)  I was a bit nervous about getting on the chair lift as the last time I was there, I struggled riding the t-bar to the top.  The chair lift is much easier.
Getting on the chair lift was easier than I anticipated and the kids loved the leisurely ride.

The kids and I sat nicely into a chair, pulled the security bar down, and enjoyed the slow pace ride to the top of the hill.  Numerous times we would crank our necks around to see the view back down the hill and across the Trout Creek Valley.  The Bluff, which is usually a dominate land feature from the valley floor looked tiny from our perch high up on the mountain and in the chair.  The various shades of yellows, oranges, and reds, expanded your imagination as you would never have guessed how many shades there were.  As we got about half way up the hill the drone of the lift turned silently and the ride became very peaceful and even the kids were able to enjoy the whole situation.

When we got to the top we excitedly jumped off the chair and before I could say a word the kids were running back down the hill.  I'm not kidding, the boys ran off, leaving Shaylee, my sister Becki, and I behind.  When they realized we weren't running to catch up they slowed down.  We finally convinced them to come back to us so we could snap a photo.
The view from the top of the "Mountain" was impressive and full of fall color.

The whole way down the hill the kids laughed while I let my eyes explore the surroundings.  I noticed a mountain bike trail that would add another great activity to the hill.  I had a fantastic time throughout the day but I was left wondering...why don't they open the hill up more often for this type of event?  They could even have hike in tent sites available there through the summer months.  Since I may have some time this winter to partake in new events, maybe we'll have to try skiing.  Regardless, I hope to visit the slopes again sometime, even without snow.

Thanks to my sister for sharing the pictures she managed to take on her phone.  I have been terrible lately at taking my camera along.  Thanks too Becki for sharing our fun adventure.  Love you.

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