Monday, October 21, 2013

Some October Fun

During the Thanksgiving Weekend my brother and his wife hosted us for a family dinner.  We took an opportunity afterwards to enjoy a hike and some photo ops.  
That same day we took a picture that would make any dad proud.  Love my kids.
On October 19th we had a busy day which started with "Halloween at the Mall"  Here the kids chow down on some worms in dirt.  Seth had to remove his costume to eat.
After all those worms the kids needed to expend some energy so we hiked to the Bluff.  This is just one of the photos.  I'm not sure they really liked it up in the tree.
My sister has never had a fear of heights and casually walked to the ledge to get some photos of the rest of us.  I took a second to snap one of her with the wonderful background.
I managed to get one of Seth too but it wasn't easy.  Unfortunately, Shaylee wouldn't stop long enough to get her photo taken.
On Sunday October 20th, after a great weekend we were once again blessed with a wonderful scene.  I managed to take this photo from my front yard.

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