Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sussex Corner Has Cure For Winter Blues

This blog first appeared in the Kings County Record on February 3rd.  The Village of Sussex Corner puts on a great winter carnival that is packed with lots of fun and various activities for all.  You should check it out on Saturday, February 14th from 1-7 which is when the fireworks are scheduled to go off. 
Winter kind of hit us with a wallop recently and it now feels like a true Canadian winter.  Come on?  Admit it.  It had been a pretty easy winter before last week.  Now you are likely going to fall into one of two categories for the rest of the winter.  Where you fall might depend on whether you shovel your driveway or you plow it.

For some people you are already tired of winter.  You are counting down the days until spring or until your flight leaves for southern climes.  Your idea of recreation this time of year is cuddling up with a book or maybe going for a swim at the local pool.  People in this category usually can be identified by the multiple layers of clothing they wear to keep warm, even when the thermostat is set to 20°C.  For people in this category, cabin fever is a reality and by the time February rolls around they have stretched the cuffs and neck lines on every sweater they own.  Their desire to go for a run or cycle or their urge to cast a fly has them cleaning their bikes, their running shoes, or tying hundreds of flies just to calm the fever.  Take heart though, there is a cure, but I'll get to that.

The other half, are those who embrace the cold and the challenges it brings.  This group likes having frozen boogers dripping from their noses.  They enjoy seeing the cloud of steam come from their nostrils as they plough through another 5' snow drift with their snow shoes on.  Their wardrobe consists of more than one pair of snow pants and multiple sets of wicking longjohns.  To them a toque is an in fashion accessory from October to April.  When it snows they can't wait to get out and make tracks across the nearest trail and if they make the first tracks, it gives them bragging rights until the next snow storm.  For a good portion of this group, their ideal cruise wouldn't be in the Caribbean but rather in Alaska among icebergs.  The only thing this group struggles with is finding something new to try.  There is a solution to this dilemma as well.
If you think we are having fun here, the Corner Winter Carnival is even better.

Nowadays every municipality is hosting a winter carnival of some kind.  Lots of these are geared towards those in the second group but for those in the first group, take heart.  The Sussex Corner Winter Carnival will have a little something for you too.  There will be skating, hockey, snow shoeing, sliding, and the regular winter fun.  If you are more passive though in your winter recreation you can come out and enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride, a magician show, and fireworks. If you don't want to cook come on out to the Carnival and support Sussex Minor Ball by buying some barbequed hotdogs and a drink.  There will be hot chocolate and cake as well.  This year's carnival will be held at the Sussex Corner Sports Field where better parking, facilities, and play grounds are available for a greater number of visitors.  A tug of war and the Corner Cup Pond Hockey Tournament will insure there is always something to keep you entertained regardless of which category of winter person you fall into.

See you in the snow drifts..

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