Sunday, March 8, 2015

Midland Ice Caves

One of the best things about a long winter is that towards the end, the warmer days tend to be excellent for outdoor adventure.  Today our family took advantage of a warm day to get outside and play in the snow and on the ice.  The Midland Ice caves have been receiving a great deal of media attention lately and that led to my wife wanting to visit them for the first time.

We loaded the kids and the dog into the van and headed from Sussex Corner towards Norton and in 25minutes we were starting up the well beaten and hardened trail towards the ice caves.  The first part of the hike was all up hill and the kids needed to stop a couple of times before we made the forested portion of the trail.  There were a large number of people enjoying the weather and trail with us.  This is normal for this trail we guessed because there was a large snow packed trail the whole way to the caves.  There was no need for snow shoes and we even saw some kids wearing sneakers.

The kids loved playing in the cave and worked hard to get to the top section of the cave and slide back towards the bottom.  The large crowd was full of people who were visiting the cave for the first time and lots of joyful discussion was had.  This indicated to me that everyone was loving the day and location.

Here is my quick video of the short adventure.

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