Monday, March 16, 2015

One of my faves - FALL RUN by Todd Moen

I don't normally share someone else's stuff but I couldn't resist here. This is one of my favorite fly fishing videos to date.  I love how they talk about team work and simply fishing for the joy of being on the water.  The river backdrop reminds me of one of the rivers I love to fish so I can easily picture myself chasing trout in that same situation.  I can't say though I've ever chased a fish that big and envy them for that.    I've watched other videos by Todd and I love them all.  Let's be honest....right now in eastern Canada (where we are under more than 100cm of snow and fishing season is less than a month away) all of us anglers are itching to get out from under this snow and pursue our own fish of choice.

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