Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Hike in to Kinnie Brook

Following a great Remembrance Day ceremony in Sussex my kids and I joined two other families for a hike in Fundy National Park.  My wife unfortunately was not feeling well and had to stay at home.  Prior to today, I had never hiked the Kinnie Brook trail, mainly because it was always to short.  With the kids and a late start, Kinnie Brook was an ideal choice.  I was thoroughly surprised by this short but adventurous trail.  The topography and geology were intriguing and the rock escarpments were calling to be explored.  The well maintained trail was easy to follow and I felt comfortable letting the kids explore on ahead and this probably led to them having a lot more fun.  After the short walk into the brook, which by the way, flows underground at the end point, we dropped our packs and explored.  The karst topography meant there were some shallow holes and small caves, the Acadian forest meant there were twisted yellow pines on beds of thick mosses.  The protruding bedrock spires made you feel like you were in a place out of the "Hobbit" and as I sat and made hot chocolate I was smiling broadly.

Like many hikes, as we left the valley and headed to the parking lot, my heart felt heavy.  The dim sunset put a somber feeling on what, I guess should be, a somber day.  Thanks to the veterans and service men/women who continue to fight so I can continue to enjoy such a park.

Here is a short video of our hike.

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