Tuesday, November 24, 2015

For the Record

It may surprise you to learn that I have been contributing to the Kings County Record for five years. My kids have grown up and been a huge influence on what I submitted to the paper. My life has been through many changes. A change is often healthy and thus I have decided to pursue other writing avenues. I'll no longer be contributing to the KCR. The good news for those of you who enjoy my wandering stories is that I hope to continue my blog.
Over the past couple of months I have felt unsatisfied with my column submissions and felt lately that my heart just wasn't in it. So the time has come to make a change and that means you won't have to see my face in the paper as often. To those who have read my column, I thank you. For those who have taken the time to stop me on the street and discuss my mistakes or ask for details on a hike, thank you. It has been a great experience and I look forward to what my writing future holds. I hope you continue to check out my blog.
Coming up in the near future I'll be pushing my creative side more. I want to build my audience and expand my subject matter a little so this could be fun.

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