Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cotter Holler Winter Fun

The Whalen family has a long history of enjoying the small, steep valley of the Cotter Holler stream.  We walk the old road up the valley and explore the small streams, rock faces, large trees.  We laugh at tall tales, we share secrets and stories, and we bond as we build memories in this scenic little piece of paradise.  On a recent Saturday we built some more memories as some of us ventured out for some winter fun.

Hot chocolate, crazy carpets, a hammock, and grandparents.  This was the recipe for a great day exploring and everyone had smiles at days end.  I do my best to let the kids explore and at times I even let them get their feet wet.  Sometimes my protective nature takes control and I holler at them..."That's close enough to the water!" or "Careful, that ice is hard if you fall!"  My Dad would mock me a bit and I'd ease up control and let the kids explore a little further.

I made a short video and I hope you enjoy it.

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