Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trout Creek Snowshoe

Getting ready to cross the small tributary above the waterfalls.
Sometime ago I hosted a meeting with  some people interested in looking at developing trails in and around Kings County.  I left the meeting thinking I should look closer at the somewhat defunct section of the Catamount Trail.  From the Fundy Footpath to Adair's Wilderness Lodge, the Catamount, is in pretty modest shape.  The trail however is pretty much non-existent when you head northwest from Adair's toward Sussex Corner.

I reached out to some people who I thought would have some information on the intended line for the Catamount Trail and they were generous enough to give me some map layers to work with.  I took those lines and my personal knowledge of the area and considered some possible route variations to look at.  One area I wanted to check out was a section off the Pleasant Lake Road where a rock face would provide a great look out and destination for a trail line.

So with my brother and father on a sunny January weekend, we headed out to find a route to the rock face I thought was there.  We got a late start so time was not going to be on our side and this would come back to haunt us.
I had the camera on during the crossing but nothing funny happened :)
On the first section of the trek we crossed a stream I'm familiar with.  The small but steep stream has a spectacular set of waterfalls which actually cascade right into Trout Creek.  That feature in itself would be worth considering for a trail route.  If there is an issue with this area it might be the fact that after you cross the stream, you head up a steep and difficult hill.  If you stop to catch your breath while climbing he hill though, take a look around.  There is lots to see with some spectacular yellow and white birch trees, interesting geology, and views across to the other side of the valley.

Every now and then we could see Poley off in the distance.
Once we got to the top of the ridge I had to try and determine where the rock face was and how best to get there.  This is where our late start would hamper us.  I had hoped to make the ridge and then work slowly back out towards the rock face, unfortunately dark was moving in and so I didn't find it on this trip.  I do know it is there though and I will find it.  From all I saw on this trek, it is a great hiking area.  I have included a map below for you but keep in mind it is private property.

Now the challenge will be to find out who the landowners are and determine if they would consider having a trail navigate across their properties.
So blessed that my Dad is still able to be on these treks with me and blessed for the sunset behind us.

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