Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Respect the land

Why is it that some people can't simply enjoy something without destroying it. There are numerous walking and hiking trails, and parks near where I live and for some reason people need to litter, cut trees, make new trails, or burn things. Some of these trails are on private property and we are only allowed on there thanks to the generosity of the landowners. I thank them for their patience and stewardship, but I wouldn't blame them either if they decided to stop people from using their land for recreation.

I know that a fire is a great thing when outdoors, but please be smart when lighting a fire. Take a look at where you are. If you are on a wind blown, well drained, dry rock escarpment with no water then figure it best not to light a fire. When lighting a fire too, be sure that if a fire pit already exists to use it, if it is a mess, clean it up and then use it.

"Pack in, pack out." This simple mantra should be used by anyone venturing into the wilderness, no matter your mode of transportation. I try not only to pack out my waste, but if I see other waste I do my best to handle it as well. Those of you on four wheelers, this would be a great way to expend your fuel, a remote wilderness trail clean up. Don't burn the garbage either, unless that is the last option or you just can't carry it another five days. This tends to leave the fire pit in a mess for the next people who come along. Paper waste of course is good to burn as is cardboard, but cans, and plastics should definitely be carried out.

If we want to continue to use our woods then lets respect them and all that they have to offer.

My pic this week is one that I enjoy. I love tenting along the ocean and this place is heaven by the Bay. Enjoy.

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Rob said...

I like your pictures. Right now there is some wild fires going on in CA where I am from and I only hope they dont burn any of the places I love. Ya its horrible, there have already been a few places i love to go where it has been partially burnt up. Its a sad sight if you have ever experienced it. I hope you dont. Anyways, looking forward to your next post.