Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring, Family, Friends, and Fun

The last two days have finally given hope that spring may have finally reached us here in the Maritimes. I got my fingers crossed. Fishing season is just over a week away and the woods are calling me and my tent.

My wife's family had a get together this weekend and I spent a great deal of time entertaining the kids. The best part about that is they can be so easily entertained, oh and so too am I. We spent a half hour or more blowing big bubbles, little bubbles, and multiple bubbles, and of course you can't blow them without chasing them down. Once they grew bored of the bubbles it was onto flying a kite. I was a bit apprehensive at first because it was a Barbie kite, but I quickly got over my insecurities when the kids did. Do you know that 2-5 year olds have no such insecurities, wouldn't it be great if we were all like that.

The kite only got away on us once or twice. We always managed to catch it before it got to far. Thankfully it was not windy enough to blow it to fast or high that we could not get it. Each kid got a turn and then we secured the kite to the ground using a stick while we moved on to eat popsicles. Nothing beats a popsicle on a sunny day, even if it was only 7*C.

It was a wonderful Sunday, blessed by God, family, friends, and fun. Here is hoping the rest of the summer is as adventurous.

My pic this week is a true sign of spring. This freshet was photgraphed during a backpacking trip last spring along the Dobson Trail. I love running water, big or small, and this small freshet flowed powerfully down a deep ravine and was impressive the whole way.

See you in the woods.


Rob said...

Thanks for the post. Reminds me to not worry and think like a child. I will try not to take life so seriously all the time and stop and smell the roses

sweet expressions said...

what a great post. I to love the sound of falling water. I so enjoyed
seeing and listening to Yosemite Falls everyday when I lived and worked there.

it is always great to let the inner child in you come out when you are
having fun with children.