Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Small Talk

Last night I had the privilege of presenting some of my photos and stories with the Kennebecasis Naturalist Society. This was my first public speaking engagement as Ben Whalen writer/adventurer and I have to say thanks to the KNS for the great opportunity. I learned a great deal about myself through preparing for that presentation. I truly am passionate about being outdoors and our part of NB. I much prefer presenting stuff about my life as opposed to what I present through my day to day work. My life stories of adventures and outdoor mishaps can be entertaining, at least to some.

So my pic this week is dedicated to those who attended last nights KNS meeting and embraced my stories and made me feel like I have accomplished something, and that I may even have more to offer in regards to outdoor pursuits. Many thanks to you all and I will see you at meetings to come.

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Rob said...

Lookig forward to more of your posts, you have a fan. Keep writing.