Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grandma's Are Great!!

Mother's day is coming up this weekend and I just want to thank my Mom for being such a cool Grandmother. But I also want to extend my thanks out to all mothers who make the time to play with their kids doing things that they don't necessarily enjoy, or who fake excitement over a worm, or who put on a brave face while watching a child go through surgery. Grandmothers are cool and my son has a great grandmother. My Mom, his Grammy, will get down and dirty with him in the cold brook. She will throw stones until she skips it at least once, so he can see how it is done.

While all those fun things are great the biggest thing she does is support my wife and I when we need it. Free meals if we are hungry and happen to be there at supper time, a hug when we need it, and even a critique when needed. So Mom, or Grammy, for all you do I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day.

My beautiful wife is only "Mom" right now, and I am sure she would like it to stay that way for atleast 18years yet. This doesn't mean she is not as appreciated by my son and I however. We truly love the way she keeps us in line and shows us patience even when we tear the living room apart. She provides us with laughter by acting goofy when there is nothing else to do and she loves us even when we make it hard for her. So to you my wonderful wife I wish you too a wonderful Mother's Day :)
To the rest of you Mother's I hope you are all appreciated and feel very loved this weekend. You all hold a place in my heart. Happy Mother's Day.

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