Friday, May 15, 2009

Seth's Picture Gallery :P

It is a great thing that my 3 (almost 4) year old is easily entertained. Recently he got his hands on my digital camera while in the backseat of the car. My wife and I heard this giggling going on and turned around to find him snapping pictures of everything and anything. He would laugh everytime he took a picture and holler with glee "I took a picture of a truck!" or "I took a picture of Sully's!" It was entertaining for my wife and I as well as we laughed with him. Now I know that usually my blog is about being out and walking or hiking but this was interesting to me so I thought it would be to you as well. I have posted some of the pics he took here and I think they are really good. He continued to take pictures all afternoon and repeatedly filled the memory card in my little Sony Cybershot. Have a look and laugh if you want :)
I think this is a great picture of a tractor considering he was strapped into his car seat and I don't even remember seeing a tractor on the way home that day.
He really laughed at this one of his own feet and there were about 6 of these pics :)

This one of the tulips was actually pretty normal so he was getting used to pointing and shooting the pics.
He actually lined up all his monter trucks for this shot and then snapped the picture. He did this with a multitude of toys while I sat and continued to giggle.
Have a great long weekend everyone.

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